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Ojos curiosos ENTRELIBROS
LOGO abuenpaso


A buen paso represents a slightly accelerated walk; there is so much to see, know and discover in this world that, driven by curiosity, we cannot stop walking. Without running, of course, one would miss everything, and it is that the actual speed of going at a good pace is also relative: to the setting, the environment, and the speed of thought that needs spaces of silence to take shape.  

For this reason, the books of A buen paso are fun. They tell kind and unexpected stories, play with language, and invite their readers to play while simultaneously asking questions and discovering the world. In these books, the protagonists are people, nature, and the force of life.

We like to think that the books of A buen paso contribute to creating free thinkers, curious and courageous people.

LOGO Cocobooks


Coco Books is an independent publishing house that stands out for the careful and precise way it chooses and publishes books aimed at a young audience. Their books have advanced and unique designs, featuring original characters and illustrations by prestigious artists with innovative styles, bringing freshness, design, and culture. Their books stand out for their strong connection to works of art and for providing access to artistic techniques developed throughout history, empowering children's creativity, motivating them to find their own creative methods, and constantly inviting them to participate and create. With Coco Books, children learn to develop creativity and awaken curiosity for their surroundings, culture, and visual interest.

LOGO Editorial Destellos


We are an independent publishing house based on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. We focus on books for all ages, from the littlest ones to young adults, all with a common goal: to ignite curiosity and create book lovers. We strive to produce high-quality books that are accessible to all people, with vibrant stories that awaken the imagination and open readers' minds to the magic of the world around us.


Our commitment lies in stories celebrating diversity and love in all forms and promoting equity, tolerance, and respect.

LOGO Diego Pun Ediciones


Diego Pun Ediciones is a window to the world from the Canary Islands. The world of children and young adults is treated with respect and responsibility, aiming to foster dialogue and encourage dreaming through words and images—a selection of books designed to make reading a true pleasure.

LOGO Ediciones Ekare


The word "ekaré" was taken from the language of the Pemón ethnic group inhabiting the southeast of Venezuela. It means a new or true narrative and, in a broader context, simply a story or tale.

Ediciones Ekaré was created in 1978, and its primary objective, to produce high-quality books, is directly related to the experience in public and school libraries of the Banco del Libro. Nowadays, Ekaré books reach many countries, but the initial intention remains to publish meaningful books by Latin American authors from diverse parts of the world.

During those years, the editorial offering of illustrated books for children in Latin America was scarce. Ekaré was the first independent publishing project in the region that specialized in publishing for children. The commitment was to create quality books with stories, characters, and landscapes from the Latin American environment and translations of renowned authors from the rest of the world that would serve as a window to other cultures.

LOGO Enlace Editorial


It is an organization dedicated to education, with a modern and strategic vision of technology. It develops, promotes, and markets children's and young adult literature, educational content, interactive platforms, general interest books, and school textbooks in Spanish and English. Our content is created by authors, teachers, illustrators, designers, and programmers with extensive experience in various professional and research fields, to provide our users with valuable and practical physical and digital solutions that contribute to mastering their fields of work and achieving better performance in a global, changing, and increasingly competitive world.

LOGO Juventud


Since its beginnings in 1923, Juventud has been committed to children's literature. The publishing house translated classics of children's and young adult literature such as "Peter Pan and Wendy," "Alice in Wonderland," "Heidi," "Pippi Longstocking," "The Famous Five," and "The Adventures of Tintin" for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Juventud works with international authors like Oxenbury, Weisner, Ruillier, Carrier, and Dubuc. Some of the titles published by these authors are successful in the educational field, such as "Por cuatro esquinitas de nada" or "El cazo de Lorenzo."

In their line of albums produced in-house, they collaborate with renowned authors and illustrators like Irene Vasco, Juan Palomino, and Rosanna Faria, recognized in Latin America. However, the most outstanding publications are knowledge books, including titles like "My First Book on Quantum Physics" or "The Human Brain."

In 2018, the publishing house launched a new line of children's comics. This collection includes the series "Narval y Medu," one of the most successful after Tintin and The Famous Five.

Many of our books have received national and international awards, and today, as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we aim to continue publishing high-quality literature for the younger generations!



Lectorum publishes Spanish editions of a selected number of Award Winning authors and series, such as the case of LA CASA DEL ARBOL, by Mary Pope Osborne; EL ARBOL GENEROSO and other books by Shel Silverstein; best-selling books by Kevin Henkes, Doreen Cronin and Patricia Polacco (GRACIAS, SR. FAULKER);  Christopher Paul Curtis (ME LLAMO BUD, NO BUDDY); Sharon Creech (ENTRE DOS LUNAS); the series MI EXTRAÑO COLEGIO by Dan Gutman and best-selling books by Kate DiCamillo (BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE, DESPERAUX, BEATRYCE PROHECY) among any others. We also publish an original and best-selling series, CUANDO LOS GRANDES ERAN PEQUEÑOS, highlighting famous Spanish literature writers in their youth years.

Lectorum Publications opened its doors in 1960 as a bookstore in Manhattan, NY. Over the years, it became the largest importer of books in Spanish, representing all leading publishers of Latin America and Spain. We carry the largest selection of books in Spanish available in the US.

LOGO Leetra


Leetra is an independent publishing house that seeks to offer reading experiences. At Leetra, we create books for children and young adults or, in reality, for anyone who enjoys reading and discovering.

Through quality literary content and heartwarming stories from around the world, we aim to develop in children a love for art and knowledge, the ability to discern, and the understanding of others through reading.

Each title in our catalog has a unique character and its own identity to address themes that we consider important. The authors and illustrators part of Leetra's catalog are chosen not only for their artistic qualities but also for their talent in storytelling and the depth of emotions their stories evoke.

We strive for the highest quality in printing our books, always mindful that materials come from environmentally responsible sources.

At Leetra, a book is both a cherished object and a window to the world. It offers an opportunity to learn, experience, reflect, and explore one's feelings, fears, and joys: it is a place to learn about life.

For Leetra, each book is an experience.



QUIPU is a publishing house dedicated to children's and young adult literature that aims to accompany children from 3 years old to adolescence with over 250 carefully chosen, designed, and edited titles. These are distributed across collections tailored to different ages and themes that encompass a variety of genres: poetry, theater, novels, short stories, legends, urban myths, comics, picture books, illustrated works, educational materials, and activity books.

Our mission is to bring reading closer to both avid readers and those who are just starting, including those who find it challenging to embark on their reading journey. We are convinced that books are the primary means to grow, discover one's identity, construct oneself as a social being, and discuss social and personal conflicts that affect us, whether as part of an individual or collective act.

Hence, our priority is to have themes that entertain and align with our mission in accessible formats that serve the act of reading itself and usability. We select texts based on the objectives and needs of our readers. We are GUARDIANS OF STORIES.

LOGO takatuka


Takatuka books are characterized by playing with humor, fantasy, and various plots to create stories and images that leave little ones and young readers with many smiles, some questions, reflections, and above all, a desire to keep reading.

At Takatuka, all topics fit, from the everyday experiences or concerns of the youngest to situations related to their environment or the world around them. That's why we try to find childlike characters close to their way of being, their natural curiosity and rebellion, and their contradictions, avoiding idealized figures or roles foreign to their reality. Starting from the premise that, generally, there are no topics exclusively for children or exclusively for adults, but different ways of addressing them, we want to make reading a moment to enhance the taste for a good book and the desire to learn about and enjoy the world in which they must grow as free and autonomous individuals.

In our catalog, you will find board books, picture books, comics, informational books, and novels for early and advanced readers aimed at a child or young audience.

thule Ediciones


In the 4th century BC, Pitheus of Massalia set sail westwards, beyond the pillars of Heracles, to follow the route of amber and tin. His journey took him to the Northern Seas, to the island of Thule, where the sea was no longer navigable as it turned into ice. Back then, very few historians and geographers believed Pitheus' story and called him a liar.

However, the name Thule and the idea of the last island at the edge of the world took root in the collective imagination and quickly became a literary myth, so much so that Virgilio and Tasso, among others, spoke about Thule.

Thule Ediciones also aims to be the last island in the confines of the publishing world. It wants to be a publisher that explores new literary paths, new formats, and editing materials. A publisher that investigates the possibilities that design offers as an ideal complement to interpret and revalue the text.

In short, it is a publishing house that moves into the space where the real world gives way to the imagined and fantastic world.

LOGO Zorro Rojo


Since its foundation in Barcelona in 2004, Libros del Zorro Rojo has established itself as an internationally renowned publishing house specializing in illustrated books for readers of all ages.

For our publishing house, illustrating means creating work through the confluence of two languages: literature and fine arts. Word and image flourish in the fertile ground that links them: the art of editing. Our works do not present beauty as a mere decorative element but rather as a means for the reflective development of readers.

The fox is a bold and irreverent animal. This audacity to innovate, but also to challenge, is indispensable in our approach to this profession. We have attempted to break away from some of the most widespread clichés of picture books by continuously questioning the limits of a living genre. We seek well-written stories that move readers, revealing characters, controversial themes, and original, distinctive, and high-quality graphic proposals that create books capable of opening new horizons for new readers.

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