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Ojos curiosos ENTRELIBROS

ENTRELIBROS is an innovative event organized by IMAGO X LAS ARTES in collaboration with the Coral Gables Museum, intending to enrich the literary offerings for children and young people and foster a love for reading in Spanish.

The Hispanic community in South Florida longs for a broader selection of literature in Spanish for children and young people, which is why ENTRELIBROS will bring together 12 of the best publishing houses from Spain and Latin America to enrich and expand the literary offerings in South Florida.


By supporting us as a Sponsor, your brand, business, or organization will gain visibility and positive association with a cultural event and contribute to promoting, preserving, and transmitting Hispanic culture through reading in Spanish.

This unique opportunity offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure among the target audience.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Access to a target audience of families and book enthusiasts.

  • Demonstrating your social responsibility and commitment to the community and the arts.

  • Extensive media coverage, expanding your brand's reach.

  • Making a positive impact by supporting the promotion of reading and education.

Ojos curiosos ENTRELIBROS

We extend heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors who have committed to supporting ENTRELIBROS so far.

Thank you for considering supporting us in this initiative as a sponsor and making a difference in the lives of young readers. Only with your help can we continue to grow and expand this vital event in our community in South Florida.

We offer different levels of sponsorship to fit various budgets. If you want more information, you can download the Sponsorship Deck or contact us at

Together, we can promote a love for reading and strengthen future generations through the magic of storytelling!

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