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Coral Gables Museum

ENTRELIBROS is a three-day family event where you will find a beautiful and enriching variety of illustrated books in Spanish for children and young people.

We have 12 of the best-specialized publishing houses in children's literature from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.


We warmly welcome all individuals who wish to visit us and enjoy a program of interactive activities, as well as the opportunity to acquire books that are not often seen in South Florida, which will help us promote reading in the Spanish language and the passing of traditions and values of Hispanic culture to the new generations.


  • When:

October 13- 15, 2023


  • Hours:

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 of October: 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday 15 of Octubre: 11 am a 5 pm

  • Admission:



  • Where:

Coral Gables Museum (285 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134).


  • Commodities:

The Coral Gables Museum has restrooms within its facilities, and GROU Coffee will offer a diverse selection of beverages and snacks for the whole family in the Courtyard. GROU will donate 10% of sales made during the event to IMAGO POR LAS ARTES.


  • Parking:

Ample metered public parking is available on the streets near the museum. You can also park in the public garage in front of the museum (220 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134), next to Coral Gables Cinema.


  • Public transportation:

You can get to the museum using the Coral Gables Trolley, shared vehicles, Freebee Coral Gables, or the Metrorail to the DOUGLAS ROAD & S DIXIE HWY station.


  • Security:

The Coral Gables Museum is a safe place to enjoy this event, but in case of an emergency, there are hospitals, fire and police stations nearby in the city of Coral Gables.

  • ENTRELIBROS rules:

No solicitation by non-profit or commercial enterprises is allowed. ENTRELIBROS organizers reserve the right to decline admittance to anyone who violates the reasonable policies established for the public safety of all attendees.

  • Special needs:

If you require special assistance to visit us, please contact a representative of the Coral Gables Museum by calling (305) 603-8067 or writing an email to

Ojos curiosos ENTRELIBROS


LOGO Colral Gables Museum
  • Camera:

Still photography and videography, without the use of flash, including the use of cellphone cameras, is permitted at the Coral Gables Museum (CGM) for personal, non-commercial use only, unless otherwise noted.

“Commercial use” includes any photography or video shoot that is:

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Photographs and videos taken at CGM cannot be distributed, sold, published, reproduced, transferred, or otherwise commercially exploited in any way.


Unless otherwise noted, CGM allows hand-held personal or professional cameras into the galleries for personal use by the public so long as only the camera is brought into the galleries. No large camera bags, tripods, camera extension poles, multiple lenses, or other camera equipment that would lend to an impression of commercial use are permitted.

CGM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission regarding any photography or videography shoot on its premises or of its collection objects.

Commercial photography and videography must be pre-arranged through

  • Galleries:

Please do not touch the artwork on display.

No smoking, food, and drinks

Food and drinks are permitted only in the lobby and may not be carried into the galleries or other areas. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

  • Strollers:

Baby strollers are permitted in the museum; however, we will not be able to store them during your visit.

  • Photography and videography in progress:

By entering the museum premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or any other purpose by CGM and its affiliates and representatives. You release CGM, its officers, employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication of interviews, photographs, computer images, video, and/or sound recordings.

By entering the museum premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition, streaming, webcasting, televising, or other publication of these materials, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such exhibiting, broadcasting, webcasting, or other publication irrespective of whether a fee for admission or sponsorship is charged. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by CGM or the person or entity designated to do so by CGM.

You have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before entering the museum.

  • Use of your information:

The information you provided for this visit may be used to inform you about future exhibitions, events, and promotions or used to solicit for optional feedback via anonymous surveys. CGM will not share your information with any third parties. You can unsubscribe from future communications by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email you receive from CGM. Please see or call Visitor Services at (305) 603-8067 if you have questions.

  • Limitation of Liability, Disclaimers, and Waivers:

You acknowledge that CGM, its trustees, officers, and employees, will rely on the foregoing terms and conditions as well as those posted on museum premises, websites, apps, and tickets, including but not limited to those relating to COVID-19, and you waive, to the extent permitted by applicable law, the right to assert any claim, whether sounding in negligence, gross negligence, contract or quasi-contract, against any CGM party relating to the exercise of the rights and permissions granted hereunder or thereunder. You further agree to indemnify and hold the CGM parties harmless from and against any claims, damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees and costs) arising out of or related to (a) any content you capture, post, store, or otherwise transmit on any platform, or (b) your failure to abide by the terms and conditions set forth above or posted on museum premises or other websites, apps, or tickets.

CGM appreciates your cooperation.

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